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Henry N. Ostendorf

Private - United States Army

May 2, 1894 - August 7th, 1918

Henry "Hank" N. Ostendorf is the first local area soldier to be killed in action. Hank grew up on a farm north of downtown Glen Carbon, Illinois with his parents and seven siblings. His father died when Henry was 12 years old. Henry's mother sold the farm and moved the family to Edwardsville, Illinois and attended St. Mary's Catholic Church. His mother passed away in 1915. Henry joined the Army on September 19, 1917 and was sent to Camp Taylor, Kentucky for training. Private Ostendorf was later transferred to Texas and from there, his regiment was sent to France in May, 1918. Pvt. Ostendorf was a member of M Company, 129th Infantry and was killed in action in France. His family received a letter from his comrade-in-arms, Private Thomas Samuels, dated August 7, 1918 that during night operations, Private Ostendorf had been killed.
Fr. C.A. O'Reilly of St. Mary's Catholic Church conducted the funeral services. Private Henry (Hank) N. Ostendorf is buried in Buck Road Cemetery(on Il. Rte. 162) in Glen Carbon. A tall statue of a standing soldier marks his resting place. He is survived by two sisters, Ms. Anna and Ms. Mayme, and five brothers, Nicholas, George, Fred, Orville and William. Private Henry N. Ostendorf was 24 years, 3 months and 5 days of age.

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