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John H. Schwartz

Private - United States Army

September 26, 1892 - October 22nd, 1918

John H. Schwartz was born on the farm of his parents, Supervisor & Mrs. William H. Schwartz on St. Louis Rd., just west of town. John grew up on the farm, attended Center Grove School and became president of the Young People's League. John joined the Army on June 15, 1918 and was sent to Camp Bradley Polytechnic Institute, but was then transferred to Cleveland to the Chemical Warfare Service. Private Schwartz contacted influenza and became critically ill. His father went to Cleveland and remained with him until he passed. Private Schwartz is buried in St. Paul Evangelical Cemetery (Sunset Hills). He was survived by his parents and his brother, Atty. Wilbur Schwartz, member of the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen. Private John H. Schwartz was 26 years and 26 days of age.

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