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Arthur F. Gears

First Lieutenant - United States Army

February 15, 1910 - March 18th, 1945

Arthur F. Gears was born in Kentucky, son Mrs. William S. Susshine, and married Ms. Mary Radae, lifelong resident of Worden IL., just months before he shipped out to fight in the European theater. Arthur entered the service on May 12, 1935 and was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He received officer training at Fort Benning, Georgia and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in December, 1942. 2nd Lt. Gears left Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, on April 19, 1943 and landed in North Africa and saw his first combat, then participated in the invasion of Sicily, where he was wounded for the first time. After resuming combat operations, he was wounded again and sent to England to recover. While there, his unit was reassigned and took part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France. First Lieutenant Arthur Gears remained on the front lines and was wounded a third time on August 4, 1944 as the Army pushed into France. Again, after his recovery from his wounds, he re-joined his unit and saw extensive action in the front lines of Belgium and finally into Germany. It was during intense fighting in Germany that First Lieutenant Arthur F. Gears was killed in action. He had been awarded 3 Purple Hearts, 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, a Bronze Star, a Presidential Citation for Meritorious Service and a Silver Star for "gallantry in action in France on June 10, 1944".
His wife, Mrs. Mary Gears never left Worden and gave birth to his son, David, whom he never saw in life. David W. Gears still resides in Worden. First Lieutenant Arthur F. Gears is buried in Goshen, Ohio and was 35 years, 1 month and 3 days of age.

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