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Ivan G. Moorman

Lieutenant - United States Army Air Corps

April 15, 1894 - March 1st, 1928

Ivan Glen Moorman is the son of Mr. Enos & Mrs. May Moorman and was born in Greenville, Michigan. After a short stay in South Dakota, Ivan's mother and younger sons moved to Edwardsville, Illinois in 1896 to join oldest son Frank, who was employed at the N.O. Nelson Manufacturing Company. After 1908 the family moved into the house at the NE corner of Troy Road and Holyoake Road. Ivan grew up in Edwardsville, attended local public schools and graduated from Edwardsville High School Class of 1911. He enrolled in McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois and graduated with a degree in chemistry in 1915, the same year he married Ms. Emma Berry. Tragedy struck as Emma died in 1916 after giving birth to their daughter, Catherine. Catherine grew up in the house of Emma's parents in Pleasant Hill, Illinois. Ivan took a position teaching chemistry and mathematics at a school in New York state, and attended Columbia University. He entered the aerial service in 1918 and was commissioned a second lieutenant. Lt. Moorman served at Hawaii; Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas; Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio; and Washington D.C.. It was while stationed in Washington D.C. that Lt. Moorman escorted Charles Lindbergh. Lt. Moorman had just completed a four-year course in aeronautical engineering in New York state and had just recently returned to Wright Field when he was stricken with an intestinal disorder. He was transferred to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio were he died. Lieutenant Ivan G. Moorman is survived by his daughter, Catherine, and four brothers, Frank, Edwin Alberto "Bert", Claire West "CW" and George Loren. He is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, IL and was preceded in death by his parents, wife and a brother, Harold. Lieutenant Ivan G. Moorman was 33 years, 10 months and 13 days of age.

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